5 of our favourite tips for beautiful table design

5 of our favourite tips for beautiful table design

Setting and styling a table is one of my greatest joys and I hope that these hints and tips help you when you're setting your own tablescape for your your next dinner party. 

Tip No 1 

 // play with textures //

I love incorporating a variety of textures into our table designs - start with the things you’ll serve your food on, do you have a wooden chopping board which you could place a small dipping bowl on? If like me, you have a weak spot for a chopping board, mix them all in and have a few different styles to present your food on in the middle of the table.

Napkins are such an easy way to add both texture and colour to your table design. You can also play with how you display them - tie a simple knot for a more dramatic and textured look, create a neat fold for a more traditional look (also great for slotting a menu into) or fold into a long rectangle and hang them from the edge of the table for some added flair.

Tip No 2 

// include name cards // 

Name cards are one of the easiest ways to show your guests that you’ve gone the  extra mile for them, plus it helps you to organise where you want people to sit.

Simply handwritten on card is perfect but if you want to be slightly more creative, you could take a polaroid photo of each of your guests as they arrive (an opportunity here to add some fancy dress!) and then place each photograph on your guests tables. This way you immediately create a talking point for your guests too which is always a bonus in my book.

For more formal affairs like larger events and weddings, it might be nice to get a local calligrapher involved who could personalise pretty much anything from small tiles to mini bottles of olive oil. The key here is ensuring that whatever you choose either ties back to you as a couple or into the overall decor. 


Tip No 3

// include foliage // 

Foliage doesn’t have to mean expensive flowers - don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore flowers but sometimes they can be out of budget, especially for smaller events and gatherings. Foliage could easily be something you snip from your garden and place in small vases along the table.

Pots of herbs are a great way to add both greenery and create a gorgeous smell for you and your guests to enjoy. Plus, most supermarkets now stock small potted herbs that are inexpensive and can be used in your cooking. 

If your budget does extend to include flowers then a great tip is to make sure that the flowers don’t obstruct how your guests can talk to each other - either have them nice and low so your guests can see over them or in very tall clear vases so they almost hang above you (this is also great if you have a large room to fill)

Tip No 4

// mix your patterns // 

Mixing patterns into your table is a great way to achieve instant interest. Our block printed tablecloths are the perfect way to add instant pattern to your table. 

For larger events or weddings where menus are needed, consider adding your chosen pattern or part of the pattern to the menu design. This is a technique which could be repeated throughout your wedding stationery and any other signage to bring it all together.

Tip No 4

// candles galore // 

Candles are one of the best ways to transform a table - it’s hard to find a table that I love which doesn’t include candles. This is because they give instant warmth, create a cosy and intimate atmosphere and put guests at ease.

Don’t be afraid of using your candles as a way to bring extra colour to your table, many high street shops offer a variety of colours in both taper (long) and pillar (thick) candles.

Mix up the type of candles on display - taper, pillar and tea lights all look great together on a table and give a nice variety of light. It’s also nice to add some scented candles into the mix for your guests to enjoy.

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