How to add pattern and texture to your table

How to add pattern and texture to your table

When it comes to setting a beautiful table, adding pattern with tablecloths or napkins is a simple and effective way of making all the difference to the style of your table but I know it can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming when looking at all the options available. I personally don't believe in any 'rules' when it comes to styling but hopefully these tips will help when you're creating a tablescape. 

Tip No 1 

 // a cohesive colour palette //

Simplify things by keeping to just one or two colours. Using different tones of the same colour is an easy way to bring the depth and style of your pattern without it becoming too overwhelming. With these examples I let the floral tablecloths shine and added our linen napkins with the wavy edge for a simple dose of elegant texture. 

Tip No 2 

 // mix stripes and florals //

Two of the most timeless patterns, stripes and florals are a match made in heaven in my opinion. This is a great way to add that extra something but still allows both patterns to stand alone. Mixing our block printed tablecloths with our stripe napkins makes me very happy! 

Tip No 3 

 // opposites attract //

Contrasting your colours works really nicely to allow each element to blend. Here I either picked out a colour or two from the block printed tablecloth and highlighted those with the napkins and accessories. Or with the blue tablecloth, I simply decided to pair blue with green and it all came together...the splatterware jug, Italian vase and Burleigh dinnerware all work together. 

I hope that these little tips aid your confidence in choosing to mix your patterns when styling your table for your next dinner party or gathering. 

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