How to easily set a stylish table

How to easily set a stylish table

Setting and styling a table is one of my favourite things to do and I hope that these tips help set your own table quickly and easily so that you can create a cosy atmosphere for your loved ones to sit and enjoy delicious food and conversation. 

Tip No 1 

// local charity shops //

I love a charity shop rummage for unusual bowls, platters, vases and glassware.....they can be a treasure trove of little finds. Although I find you do have to visit a few to find the good stuff but they joy when you do is definitely worth it! Nibbles served in a quirky bowl are a lovely way to kick start an evening with friends.  

Tip No 2

// candles //

It's almost impossible for me to set a table without a candle or two. For taper candles, I find that the H&M do some very affordable coloured candles and they even have some lovely twisted ones. Mixing candles with some tea lights and pillar candles only adds to a lovely display and creates a cosy atmosphere. 

Tip No 3 

// handwritten //

If we're gathering as a family I like to involve the children by asking them to write out or draw little name cards for's a lovely activity and makes for a unique touch and conversation starter.  

Tip No 4 

// wrap it in a bow //

There's no getting away from the fact that bows are everywhere at the moment and with good reason, they are beautiful. I buy my velvet ribbons from Amazon in varying widths and they are perfect for wrapping a bow around a napkin, wine glass or candle and it gives an instant interest to the table setting. 

Tip No 5 

// print and texture //

Tablecloths and napkins are a perfect and very easy way to bring both print and colour to your table and I love that when the party is over, it all just goes into the wash. 

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