How to perfect a smart casual table

How to perfect a smart casual table

how to perfect a smart casual table
Whether you're short on time or simply don't like the 'fuss' of an overly styled table then these tips are for you...

Tip No 1 

 // make the food the centrepiece //

Serving your food on large platters or bowls will instantly make the meal itself the focus. Place some fruit or vegetables in a bowl or directly on the table (we particularly love artichokes) for some low key additional decor. 


Tip No 2 

 // use your textures //

One of the simplest ways of creating a stylish table with minimal effort is to lay a tablecloth or bring out the statement napkins. Unusual crockery or cutlery can also add depth and interest to your table which doesn't need 'styling'. 

Tip No 3 

 // embrace the bud vases //

Small posey vases or bud vases are a perfect way to add flowers to the table on a small budget...simply snip a few of your favourites from the garden or buy the cheaper single stem bouquets in the supermarket and cut them down. So simple and so effective. 

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