Setting a Christmas Table

Setting a Christmas Table

The Christmas Table - one of the most magical tables of the year for many, often a highlight of the day and where hours can fly by as food is enjoyed, conversation relished and games how to make it yours? 

Tip No 1 

 // forage for greenery //

One of the best things about being in the UK for Christmas is the ability to forage for fresh greenery that will instantly bring Christmas inside - holly sprigs, off cuts from the Christmas tree and ivy are all easy to snip and save in small vases or make into a wreath. Dry out orange slices and cut limes in the oven to add some traditional Christmas texture. 

Tip No 2 

 // make it colourful //

I think so often we think of Christmas with the traditional colours but bringing in some much loved colour will instantly make it feel contemporary. Tablecloths and napkins are such an easy way to bring new colours and patterns in.

Tip No 3 

 // bring in the christmas //

Candles are the easiest way to bring some festive light to the table but also consider your crackers, any decor elements you may already have like small christmas trees, nutcrackers or even baubles that will add that festive magic to your table 



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