Simple ways to bring Easter to the table

Simple ways to bring Easter to the table

Easter table ideas

Easter is one of my favourite times of year as it's the perfect excuse to get your family and friends together around a table for an indulgent meal. It's also a wonderful time to appreciate Spring in full bloom and of course, for little ones the excitement of an Easter egg hunt is everything! 

Tip No 1 

// linen love //

One of the simplest ways to transform your table is with one of our block printed tablecloths. Our green prints are an easy go to for Easter and spring vibes and go with almost every colour palette. 

tablecloth block print

Tip No 2 

 // easter details //

Buy some decorative eggs or simply save the shells from your baking and use them as little vases. Quail eggs on the table also work really well and a little bowl of mini eggs is the perfect pop of colour (and bite to eat!) 

Tip No 3 

 // garden spring blooms //

Picking a few blooms from the garden and filling bud vases is a perfect way to bring Spring to the table. Alternatively most supermarkets stock small bunches of tulips and daffodils which are the perfect celebratory flower for Easter.  


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